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    The automatic computer chromatic the HXAY800/1100B gravure Caiyin (motor)
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    , uses: This machine is suitable for BOPP, PET, CPP, PVCD the same nature, and combined film and paper. Its printing speed 5-140 m / min, the mechanical speed of 150 m / min.
    2, the main transmission: The main transmission adopts frequency conversion motor, drive each plate. Features: saving electricity.
    3, no shaft-mounted version of the agency: loaded version with the cylinder, pull the mandrel for loading, horizontal adjustment adopts the movement of screw. Features: reduce time to replace, to ensure concentricity, improve product quality.
    4, ink scraper: The scrapers can be adjusted up and down and angle, squeegee pressure dual cylinder, lateral movement synchronous motor rotating cam. Performance: lengthen life.
    5, stamping lifting mechanism: The impression adopts dual air cylinder pressure rise from the locked position with the cam on the cylinder leakage and cylinder stands out under the protection. Features: to ensure that the average pressure to ensure that color.
    6, Chromatic Mechanical Handles: They adopt computer-controlled synchronous motor through reducer drive ball screw adjustment, automatic color register. : Rotate with lubrication, chromatography and high precision.
    7, to close, put feed mechanism: the use of duplex close, put rack, roll wrapping and automatic splicing, tension and close discharge, discharge traction tension with frequency vector control speed, torque motor rewinding control. Features: accelerate the chromatic stability, horizontal direction, save for large quantities of printed materials, inks, solvents and energy, then the expected speed of 120 m / min, then the biggest waste of material is about 10 meters, more than three motor to save about 20 meters, inks, solvents and energy savings of about 15%, greatly reducing the cost of the main products.
    8, dry and cool: the use of centrifugal fan blowing smoke oven, electric control distribution of hair in the mouth of each oven is heated, the formation of air flow within the oven thermal cycling, the temperature by the intelligent temperature control, air cooled with a back roll to ensure that film cooling. Features: saving electricity.

    The main technical parameters:

     HXAY-800B type HXAY-1100B-type
    Printing width
     800mm 1100mm
    Printing speed
     Max 150mm Max 150mm
    Plate diameter
     ¦µ100-350mm ¦µ100-350mm
    Coil diameter
     ¦µ600mm ¦µ600mm
    The amount of lateral adjustment plate
     30mm 30mm
    The amount of vertical adjustment plate
     100 degrees (degree) 100 degrees (degree)
    Overlay accuracy
     ¡À 0.1mm ¡À 0.1mm
    Total power
     75kw 90kw
     17000kg 19000kg
    Overall dimensions
     14000x2650x2800mm 14000x2950x2800mm

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