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    Understanding of the gravure printing machine operation system
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    In order to reduce costs, improve product quality, improve the competitiveness of products, according to the characteristics of the printing machinery control system requires high computing speed and stability, the current market has successfully developed a series of AP tension control system. The development of the automatic control system to further promote the development of domestic gravure printing machine market, this system is suitable for all kinds of printing and packaging machinery system. It consists of seven sets of AC vector motors which drive the double roll, roll traction roll, main motor, winding and traction roll, double winding tension control, tension detection with swing roller, PLC control, touch screen operation and automatic roll diameter detection, automatic roll diameter operation, coil diameter alarm, automatic reeling and cutting taper control, length, and the coil is reverse switch, stop reeling tension holding, fault detection and fault diagnosis technology, information management technology, gravure printing machine remote technical support and other functions. Bagging machine bubble film machine winding film machine bagging machine red machine forging forging robot robot winding film machine Mick

    The composition characteristics of a gravure printing machine, tension control system

    The system is composed of five parts, which are double station unwinding, unwinding, traction, rewinding tension control and main motor control. Below according to their characteristics of the five parts were elaborated: the unwinding tension control, tension tension detection unit includes an operation unit, servo actuator, automatic roll diameter detection unit, pre driver control and automatic cutting control etc..

    The tension detection unit used in the tension control system is an air pressure floating roller tension detecting device, which is used to measure the film tension by adjusting the air pressure of the air cylinder which is connected with the floating arm of the detecting roller. When the cylinder pressure swing set, cylinder thrust arm is set to the value principle of the control mode is through the material line speed and the actual coil diameter calculation, a frequency setting value F1, and then through the tension (position) of PID operation produces a frequency adjustment value F2 feedback signal, the final output frequency is F = F1f2. F1 can make (put) roller line speed and line speed, basic materials, and then the F2 part only slightly adjusted to meet the control demand, solves the contradiction between rapidity and stability of closed-loop control in response control. When the system is in a state of equilibrium, when the strong interference occurs, if the system is too short to react, the fluctuation of the tension on the material can be absorbed by the floating roller. Therefore, the floating roll detection is a superior detection method.

    Attention should be paid during use

    1) each section of tension is constant, the swing amplitude is small;

    2) necessary protection and easy to operate;

    3) acceleration and deceleration and operation to be stable, no speed mutation;

    4) from the start to be smooth without impact, material shall not wrinkle;

    5) the main engine start automatic calculation diameter and material thickness.

    6) when receiving the material, the surface speed of the two winding is equal to realize the quick change;

    7 low frequency torque characteristics, high speed accuracy;

    8) to ensure that each material in constant tension and speed synchronization, fast response;

    9) reeling refueling is convenient, no tension and effect of color mutation;

    Two, gravure printing machine main motor control system

    The main motor control occupies an important position in the whole tension system, the whole system of the roll line speed with the main motor driven synchronization, stability of the main motor speed directly affect the printing quality.

    (1) composed of Japan Yaskawa vector transducer and ABB vector inverter motor main motor control in this system, the encoder (PG) closed-loop vector control, with superior electrical performance.

    (2) in the system, the main motor start, point action, air transport, speed up, stop, stop, and so on a series of control using multi-point operation, greatly facilitate the use of users.

    Three, gravure printing machine winding tension control system

    The tension control part includes the tension detection unit, the tension unit, the servo actuator, the pre drive control and the automatic cutting control.

    1) servo actuator consists of two units and two units in Japan Yaskawa inverter vector ABB vector inverter special motor.

    2) the tension of the winding tension is controlled by the nonlinear taper tension, and the good taper tension control can make the winding obtain satisfactory effect.

    3 tension detection unit adopts pneumatic floating roller tension detection device

    4) pre driver control and automatic cutting control is key to realize the old roll smooth switch, the control part of the action completed automatically by the PLC program, users only need to operate the two button, can automatically complete rack operation, rack positioning, cutting arm lift, pre driving and cutting rollers under pressure the big arm, and cutting back tension switch and a series of actions.

    5) the tension unit is the core of the operating system using the Japanese MITSUBISHI PLC or the German SIEMENSPLC, and the PLC technical parameters are the same as the unwinding tension unit.

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