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    The gravure automatic computer chromatic HXAY800.1100C printing machine (motors)
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    Over the years, production of gravure printing machines and technology experience, with reference to advanced equipment, our company and to design a new high-speed printing machine. This machine is suitable for BOPP, PEC, PVC foil and paper, with good printing reel material for multicolor continuous automatic computer color printing.
    Components features:
    1, the body frame is modular, using the casting wall composition, adjust all the holes parallel.
    2, the drive inverter control motor, gear box through the shaft rotation.
    3, plate shaft and plate installed, connect with each tooth drive gear box.
    4, the fountain down, according to plate size can be up and down movements.
    5, oil black scrapers can be adjusted, the angle with the horizontal knife automatic action.
    6, stamping lift, dual cam cylinder embossed with the self-positioning structures.
    7, the fine-tuning chromatic bodies manually or automatically adjust the computer.
    8, discharge, controls and sensors using magnetic release magnetic tension should be adjusted automatically.
    9, receiving agency, the use of duplex-bit dual-torque motor automatic tension control and automatic conversion of the A axis B axis.
    10, the retractable tension traction material, the use of radio frequency vector control line speed to automatically adjust the arm tension. 11, the centrifugal fan blowing smoke oven, electric control distribution of each hair in the mouth, to heat all pure.

    Each computer flashed system by an independent microprocessor control unit can be rapidly and accurately adjust the flashed deviation.
    A chromatic deviation display, the system comprehensive deviation correction and tolerance alarm.
    Double-eye detection and improve the detection and adjustment of machine speed.
    Can elect different computer flashed boundary and stationary checking.
    The main technical parameters:

    Models HXAY-800C type HXAY-1100C type
    Printing width 800mm 1100mm
    Printing speed Max 120mm Max 120mm
    Plate diameter ¦µ100-350mm ¦µ100-350mm
    Coil diameter ¦µ600mm ¦µ600mm
    The amount of lateral adjustment plate 30mm 30mm
    The amount of vertical adjustment plate 100 degrees (degree) 100 degrees (degree)
    Overlay accuracy of ¡À 0.1mm ¡À 0.1mm
    Total power 75kw 90kw
    Machine weight 13000kg 14000kg
    Overall dimensions 10500x2500x2500mm 10500x2800x2500mm

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